A first blog? Really?

Hey! I know you’re wondering what I’m doing here. Or maybe you’re just wondering what you’re doing here. Well, I can’t answer that second pondering, but let me tell you just a tad about myself and see if I can’t sort through that first one.

I have been super blessed to be married to my best friend for almost 26 years. I’ve made tons of mistakes and I’ve done my utmost to learn from God about how to correct them. I also have two teenagers who, at this writing, are both striving to live hard for God and follow His ways with their whole hearts. Although a godly marriage and home are two of the highest blessings on this earth, neither of them are easy to attain or maintain. My heart is to be able to share with women lessons I’ve already learned and the ones I’m currently learning, that together we may be passionate about fulfilling our roles.

In addition, I will occasionally opine on the lessons I’ve learned through living with ME/CFS, a debilitating neuro-immune disease, which has no known cause and no known cure. My hope is that even through this you will see that, although I am occasionally broken, I am doing my best to seek strength from my Creator and most faithful Friend.

Ultimately, though, my truest joy will come if somehow I encourage you in your walk. Perhaps a scripture or a truth God has shown me will also edify you on your journey. I know you don’t want to drag yourself into heaven. If you’re like me, you will want to waltz in, relishing every moment, knowing that those you love are joining you.

May God bless all you say and do for His glory,